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my newest poem, a walk down the memories i should hav had
before you ask, yes this is about a guy, but not someone i dated or liked that way, someone who should have played an important role in my life but couldnt because of unforseen measures

i wish i had known him
before he had died
and now that i know more about you
i feel like im going to cry
you would have been
the perfect man
instead you died
without a plan
when i think of you
i only think of how it could hav been
if only u hadnt left me
and then we would see
life sometimes sucks
i know that to be true
and because i lost you
the sky is no longer blue
instead all i see
is a sea of grey
and sometimes i think
what would it be like to just fly away
i miss you
i miss you so much
and sometimes i wish that
it hadnt turned to mush
when i first heard about what had happened
all i could think was it made sense
for i never felt like i
belonged so hense
the fact i
knew the truth
and now ive accepted
it and my life has gone aflame with a poof
it would have been good
it would have been great
but now i fear
it is far too late

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